Healthy Volunteers

Criteria to participate

  • 18 and older

  • Right-handed

  • No history of mental illness or neurological disorder

  • Specific studies may have other criteria

Understanding Causal Circuit Dynamics

This particular study is investigating the effects of TMS on emotional cognition. Participants will perform cognitive tasks with an EEG. TMS stimulation will be given between tasks as well. Specific Criteria: Participants must be 25-45 years old.

Brain Mapping Study

This particular study is building multiple neural circuit maps using the combined technology of TMS and fMRI. Participants will perform cognitive tasks while in a fMRI scanner. TMS stimulation will also be administered while in the fMRI scanner.


This study is exploring a variety of treatment options for PTSD for veteran patients. We are also looking for healthy veteran volunteers to participate in this study. Participants will perform cognitive tasks and participate in an MRI scan, an EEG recording, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Specific criteria: Participants must be veterans.

Stanford Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

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VA Palo Alto Health Care System

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