Our Projects

PTSD Study: Biomarker Establishment for Superior Treatment of PTSD (B.E.S.T.) Study 

The criteria is if you are a veteran and currently diagnosed with PTS and are planning to begin Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) or Prolonged Exposure (PE) treatment. 

This study involves 2- 3 baseline assessments, 2- 3 visits for post-treatment evaluation, 1 assessment over the phone, and some questionnaires at home in between baseline and post-treatment visits and six months after you finish your treatment. 

Compensation is up to $705 for local participants in the Bay Area or $1,005 (VAMC) for your time and effort for participating in this study.

Brain Mapping Study

The criteria includes both people with symptoms and without symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

This study involves a clinical assessment, practice tasks in fMRI, fMRI with TMS, and TMS/EEG.

Compensation is up to $535.

Understanding the Causal Circuit Dynamics of Emotion and Cognition

The Criteria is you must be 18 and older, right-handed, and have no history of mental illness or neurological disorder.

The study involves TMS, EEG, fMRI, behavioral tasks, and sessions ranging from 3- 5 hours.

Compensation is $25/hr- $50/hr.

Many of our studies include some or all of these procedures. The videos below show what to expect. 

*All information collected is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team. Your name and any information that can identify you will not be used in our reports.